Basketball Practice

Our  practices are centered around of philosophy of shooting, defending, and teamwork being the 3 main points of our Ballaxy Basketball. We want to make sure that no one in The Program as everyone has an opportunity to flourish. 

  • Shooting: When a player is able to shoot a basketball, it only spreads the floor and creates opportunities to run an offense and for teammates to score but, on an individual level, it helps a player always have something to contribute to the team.
  • Defending: In case you haven’t heard this saying, “defense wins championships”. We believe that defense not only wins championships but individual games as well. Every possession should be taken as serious as possible as one stop can affect the flow or outcome of the game.
  • Teamwork: A competitive basketball game can’t be won 1-3 against 5. You have to be able to make passes to your teammates when they are open to not only give them an opportunity to score but, to boost their confidence and their drive to really play as hard as they can because, everyone on the court wants to be involved in the game on a level higher than standing around watching isolation all day. 

Basketball Games

We’re committed to helping youth players reach a level where they can compete with and above the level of their peers when they reach high school sports. 

We compete in in-house competition as well as local tournaments and shootouts. In effort of getting our players as much experience as possible.

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